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  • An excellent Female tonic which can be used for improving and restoring the overall female health.
  • Also helps in pain, cramps, atony related to childbirth, pregnancy, menstruation and menopause.
  • Also effective in morning sickness, hot flashes, infertility, mild sedative, rheumatism, insomnia.

FALSE UNICORN-balances sex hormones. Useful for treatment of infertility, menstrual irregularities and pain, premenstrual syndrome.
CRAMP BARK- alleviates painful menstrual cramps and pains in uterus
ALFALFA- is an excellent source of most vitamins, including vitamins A, D, E, and K. Vitamin K is critical in blood clotting, so alfalfa may have some use in improving clotting.
GINSENG BLEND- reduces physical and mental fatigue.
LOCORICE fights inflammation and viral, bacterial and parasitic infection.
FENUGREEK SEED- rich in nutirens, vitamins and minerals.
BLACK AND BLUE COHOSH-relieves muscle spasm and stimulates uterine contractions for childbirth. Useful for memory problems. Menstrual disorders and nervous disorders.
PASSION FLOWER-acts as a gentle sedative. Helpful for anxiety, hyperactivity, insomnia, neuritis and stress-related disorders.
RASPBERRY LEAVES- stimulates digestion and Improves circulation to the brain.
CHAMOMILE-an anti inflammatory, nerve tonic and sleep aid. Helps in fever, headaches and pain. Excellent remedy for stress and anxiety, indigestion and insomnia.
KELP- The diuretic effect of kelp is beneficial to an irritated or infected bladder since it helps to flush out harmful bacteria.
WILD YAM-relaxes muscle spasm reduces inflamtion.promotes persipiration.contains compound similar to the hormone progesterone
DANDELION -It cleanses the bloodstream and increases bile production, and is a good remedy for gall bladder problems as well.
PERUVIAN BARK-useful for cramps and helps fight weakness due to body fluid loss.
VITAMIN A - is needed for the maintenance and repair of epithelial tissue, of which skin and mucous membranes are composed.
VITAMIN B1- enhances circulation and assists in blood formation, carbohydrates metabolism and the production of hydrochorolirc which is important for proper digestion.
VITAMIN B2-–necessary for red blood cell formation, anti body formation, and growth.
VTAMIN B3--involved in normal secretion of bile and stomach fluids. Lowers cholesterol and improves circulation,
VITAMIN B5- known as the anti-stress vitamin. Involved in necessary metabolic functions needed for normal functioning of the gastro intestinal tract and helps in anxiety.            
VITAMIN B6- helps as a diuretic,
VITAMIN B-12--needed to prevent anemia prevents nerve damage and maintains normal growth and development.
VITAMIN C--is an anti-oxidant that is required for tissue growth and repair.
VITAMIN D-helps absorb calcium and growth for bones.
VITAMIN E-is powerful antioxidant. Enhances oxygenation of blood, increases fertility.
FOLIC ACID- is needed for energy production and the formation of red blood cells. It also strengthens immune system.
HESPERIDIN, RUTIN, BIOFLAVANOIDS -an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties also assists vitamin C uptake in the body. Provides
INOSITOL, CHOLINE -helps regulates fat metabolism.
BIOTIN-necesary for cell growth and needed for healthy hair and skin. 


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